Villa Victor and Mobile Futures – Inventive collaborations and new encounters

One of Mobile Futures key collaborators is the multicultural center Villa Victor of the City of Oulu. Villa Victor is a lowtreshold meeting place that is open to all. Their most important values are equality and fairness and the starting point of their operations is to organize free and tailored services as well as, give support and correct information in different situations in life.

Villa Victor provides Finnish language lessons and guidance in different languages. At Villa Victor you can learn new languages, meet people and participate in a variety of different events.

As part of the collaboration between Villa Victor and Mobile Futures we have been collecting feedback on Villa Victors activities and operations. Feedback was given in a slightly unusual way, using visual arts. Our hope was that producing art could create new encounters and bring forth diverse thoughts. The feedback sessions were successful and the end result was amazing. As we had hoped for, people gathered to chat, to do art and to spend time with each other.

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated. A special thank you for the interesting encounters and discussions, as well as the wonderful works of art!