Out of the Ivory Tower: Policy-Relevant Communication of Scientific Results Training

On March 29th, 2023, our team had an internal training on – Policy-Relevant Communication of Scientific Results – organized  at the Migration Institute  by Work Package 4 leader Tomas Hanell. The hybrid training gathered many of our researchers interested in learning how to communicate their research results more effectively to policy makers.

During the day we discussed how the communication between scholars and policy makers has evolved and what it means for our project. There is no more space for one-way communication of research results to the policy makers, but a need to include all of society in the policy process. The shift towards inclusion of society in co-creation of knowledge, and in turn in impacting policies, is the guiding principle of the Living Lab method that we are developing throughout the course of the project. 

One of the things that was highlighted in the training was the importance of using accessible language and visual materials when communicating research results. Even though for most of us it was not a new idea, seeing some examples of policy briefs and what was their readability, gave us a new outlook on how to communicate our own research. Keeping it short and simple is the best way to go!

And with that in mind, we continue our research on trust in law, information, labour market, and everyday encounters!