Call for Papers: Re-imagining integration in a just society 

What is integration in a just society? While official integration policies officially rest on the idea of two-way integration, in practice, integration policies and measures are geared only to the migrant population. New approaches to integration require a strategic reorientation/novel ways of thinking and studying integration. This means a shift in focus from migrants to the whole society, and a critical look at discriminatory practices in the receiving society. Society is not a neutral setting where large processes such as demographic changes take place; societal changes are needed to build a more inclusive society. 

The conference is organised by a consortium Mobile Futures:  Diversity Trust and Two-Way Integration funded by the Strategic Research Council within the Academy of Finland. Mobile Futures is an interdisciplinary, action-oriented research project that strives to promote a fair and inclusive society through focusing on integration as a trust-based, two-way process

The conference takes place at Åbo Akademi on 16 and 17 May 2024.

At this conference we want to:

1. Imagine novel approaches to integration that focus on a society as a whole: including in law, information, labour market and everyday encounters 

2. Discuss how these approaches can be applied in practice by decision makers, migration and integration administration, NGOs, and other stakeholders

Confirmed speakers are Janine Dahinden (Neuchatel), Tamar de Waal (Amsterdam) and Shadia Rask (THL)

We invite creative and critical contributions from different fields of social sciences and humanities including sociology, anthropology, information science, law, social psychology, history, cultural studies, social work, migration and refugee studies, and other fields. Abstracts of 200 words can be submitted by 20 of December 2023 to:

Selected speakers will be notified by 31 of January 2024 about acceptance. For more information please contact