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  • WP 5 Trust in Everyday Encounters

    WP 5 Trust in Everyday Encounters

    This work package approaches two-way integration by studying everyday encounters of people of diverse backgrounds in Oulu and Turku, focusing on the possibilities and challenges of trust-building between migrants and the native-born both in informal and institutional settings.

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  • WP 4 Trust in the Labour Market

    WP 4 Trust in the Labour Market

    This work package focuses on trust-building in the labour market and interpretations of structural racism among the key stakeholders by studying students on their transition to the labour market, employees who have entered jobs, and employers hiring them.

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  • WP 3 Trust in Information

    WP 3 Trust in Information

    This work package looks at trust in information and expert knowledge by examining the relationship between social and institutional trust and views on migration-related issues, and the relationship between migrants’ Media Information Literacy (MIL) and institutional trust.

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  • WP 2 Trust in Law

    WP 2 Trust in Law

    This work package investigates how trust is constructed in the regulations and discussions on legal reforms of the immigration law in Finland. It also explores how migrants’ and non-migrants’ experiences of law affects trust towards institutions.

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