Seija Jalagin

Co-Leader of Work Package 5
University of Oulu


Seija Jalagin (PhD, History) works as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Oulu and is Adjunct Professor of the history of cultural interaction at the University of Turku. Her research interests include gender, religion, cultural representations and forced migration in transnational contexts. As a teacher Jalagin has focused on methods and processes of historical research, refugees and integration as well as the history of Japan. In Mobile Futures, WP5, she studies the premises of interwar refugee and immigration policy in Finland and their influence on the transgenerational integration of refugees from Russia. Of particular interest in her research are work, livelihood and the role of family in refugee policy: How did the government aim to create trust in refugee policy among the forced migrants and the rest of the population? What kind of perspectives could this refugee history offer for contemporary integration policy?