WP 2 Trust in Law
Work Package leader

Daniela Alaattinoğlu, University of Turku, daniela.alaattinoglu@utu.fi

About the workpackage

Trust in law examines how trust and mistrust are transmitted and constructed in the legal processes that make moving and settling into Finland possible. It scrutinises how the implementation of the existing national legal regulations and Finland’s international human rights obligations intertwine with institutional trust. The work package explores, firstly, how trust is constructed in the regulations and discussions on legal reforms of the immigration law in Finland, and secondly, how migrants’ and non-migrants’ experiences of law affect trust towards institutions.

In order to investigate the legal construction of trust in immigration law discourses, the work package maps and analyses the substantive changes in immigration law in Finland in 1995–2021 using qualitative content analysis and critical discourse analysis. Moreover, in order to map migrants’ and non-migrants’ trust in state institutions, the researchers in the work package: i) analyse the relationship between trust and institutional approaches to national laws and international human rights obligations, and ii) conduct legal-ethnographic research among employers and migrants.

Primary collaborators

Ministry of the Interior, Finnish Immigration Service, ETNO Secretariat


Yulia Dergacheva, University of Turku
Dionysia Kang, Åbo Akademi University
Magdalena Kmak, Åbo Akademi University
Mervi Leppäkorpi, University of Turku
Jaana Palander, Migration Institute of Finland
Stephen Phillips, Åbo Akademi University