WP 4 Trust in the Labour Market

Work Package 4 leader

Marja Tiilikainen, Migration Institute of Finland, marja.tiilikainen@migrationinstitute.fi

About the work package

In WP4, the societal challenge is to decrease institutional distrust towards labour market institutions and employers in Finland. Further on, the societal challenge to tackle is the structural discrimination and racism in the labour market.

WP4 will solve the challenge by addressing the characteristics and (hidden) structures of discrimination in the labour market by focusing on three target groups: racialized youth entering the labour market, employees who have entered jobs, and employers hiring them.

Primary collaborators

Cooperation with the educational institutions in vocational and higher education, and NGOs working with youth; the University Alliance European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC); regional public and private employment services; employer organizations; regional and national employer networks e.g. Talent Boost network; also close collaboration at the national level e.g. with the Center of Expertise on Immigrant integration and the Expert group on monitoring discrimination at the Ministry of Justice.


Outi Kähäri, University of Oulu
Mika Raunio, Migration Institute of Finland
Elina Turjanmaa, University of Oulu
Sari Vanhanen, Migration Institute of Finland
Gabriel Olegário, Migration Institute of Finland